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Records Management: A Project

April 13, 2016

I am quickly discovering that managing records is absolutely not the same as records management. It is astonishing to me, and probably to you, the number of records that any one person can create in their day to day activities is staggering.

• What do we do with all these records?
• Where do we store them?
• How long do we need to store them?
• Do they require any special security?
• Is this document required for evidentiary purposes?
• Does it involve a business decision and will be...

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Records Management: Retention Disposal Authorities

June 14, 2016


One of the more interesting tasks to perform for any organisation is the creation of a retention disposal schedule. Interesting, you ask? Sounds kinda boring, right? Whilst I must confess to being completely unaware of these sorts of documents and I was a little fuzzy on how long we keep documents, I found it to be a really interesting exercise to actually produce an organisation wide document that covered academic, medico-legal death investigation, patient information and administrative...

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