Professional Administration Specialist

  • Developed Client Satisfaction Survey to develop matrix for reporting at Heinz Watties
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Worked on Transition of Security Clearance Database at IBM
  • Subject Matter Expert for Governance Tools to assist and advise the Business Office team IBM
  • Trained AU and NZ staff for Global implementation of PgMP at IBM
  • Development of Knowledge Tree for Helpdesk at Heinz Watties
  • Invested both financially and physically in Community Theatre
  • Unofficial Comms Officer for VIFM - writing and updating intranet pages and orgnisation news letter
  • Developed and delivered training to all VIFM staff on new category structure for data filing
  • Volunteered as Mentor for Smith Family - high school and university students


Elizabeth Krieg
Excellence in service, essential to my clients, cooperate and coordinate with my colleagues.
I am a professional records and administration specialist who pays close attention to detail and is passionate about customer service and support. My personal creative persuits in the world of art and theatre bring the added extra benefit to any role I embrace by helping me to think outside the box.

My Key Strengths:
- Time Management
- Organizational Management
- Team Player
- Strong Communication Skills
- Problem Solving
- Attention to detail
- Governance and Compliance Management
- Records Management
- Strong Project Coordination Skills

My Creative Pursuits:
- Stage Manager and Actor - Community Theatre
- Artist - working mainly with Pastel and Pan Pastel
- Photographer - Milky Way, Nature and Wildlife
- Published - Photography Book - Moods of Lake Wendouree (link)


  1. -
    Intake and Engagement Consultant, WDEA Works

    ·         All notes required for each client completed at the end of each day so that Employment Consultant (EC) has accurate record of initial appointment available

    ·         Development of report to of outcome eligibility to assist ECs to determine best placements that will result in outcome payments for the organisation

    ·         Development of flexible script that will give clients all of the information they need in order to remain compliant with Centrelink requirements and being able to tailor the script to meet the requirements of each client, regardless of circumstances

    ·         Provision of timely handover of clients to ECs giving as much detail as possible to EC to ensure servicing of client is appropriate and making sure that the EC can go into their first appointment with the client with plans in mind of how that client can be best serviced


  2. -
    Records Management Officer, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

    Key Accountabilities:
    Develop Category Structure
    Develop Business Category Scheme
    Develop Organisation Wide Retention Schedule
    Apply Retention / Destruction requirements to records
    Liaise with individuals for feedback
    Motivate users to embrace new structure
    Information Management
    Change Management
    Project Management
    Compliance Management

  3. -
    Records Management Project Manager, Golden Plains Shire Council
    • Development of  methodology for analysis of Records Management Data Mapping Project
    • Perform interviews across the organisation to determine location of data within the organisation, focussing on Data Privacy and Protection, and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)
    • Research of how current practices within the organisation in record keeping  fit in with current compliance requirements for State Government and Local Government organisations.
    • Completed report to Council containing outcomes from interviews, graphs and charts to indicate where data is stored, discussion of findings and recommendations for future records management strategies within the Council.
  4. -
    Contract Management Advisor, IBM

    Key Strengths Include:
     Data management and data integrity
     Ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams
     Time management
     Governance and compliance management
     Client relationship building
     Commitment to continuous improvement

    - Achieved consistently high compliance audit ratings across multiple accounts by managing and maintaining documentation, ensuring data integrity and artefact retention
    - Successful compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) using effective time management skills and continued communications between multi-disciplinary groups and thus prevention of financial penalties due to non-compliance
    - Participated in successful implementation of a project to roll out a global tool by providing training documentation and training sessions across the company including New Zealand staff
    - Consistently achieved high Personal Business Commitments (PBC) ratings as part of annual reviews by providing and participating in continuous improvement processes and actively assisting colleagues in the provision of information on compliance requirements by being a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
    - Successfully ensured the return of all Victoria Police property at the conclusion of their contract with IBM by creating reports to share with the client to determine data integrity, developed communications to be sent out to all staff members with Victoria Police property, regular follow ups with project managers and holders of Victoria Police property, collation and interpretation of information as it was received

  5. -
    Senior Helpdesk Consultant, Heinz Watties Australasia

    Key Strengths Include:
     Ability to listen and problem solve
     Time management
     Understanding of cultural difference
     Able to liaise with all members of staff
     Problem management
     Risk management

    - Successful development of Knowledge Tree by research and continuous documentation of fixes as they arose thereby decreasing the time it took to locate problem fixes and increasing productivity
    - Provision of metrics to management by the development of a staff survey thereby finding ways to improve service and increase customer satisfaction
    - Ensured ability of new helpdesk members to be productive in a short space of time by creation of induction booklet which increased the efficiency of the helpdesk
    - Provided timely receipt of technical equipment and software by establishing purchasing procedures and processes and documenting these to ensure that anyone was able to follow

  6. -
    Administration Manager, Allans Music
  7. -
    Computer Services Administrator, Bond University, QLD


  • Data Mapping Project
    Locate & Map spi data, provide recommendations to council for future strategies
  • Intranet Update / VIFM
    Using wordpress and indesign to update and create intranet sites
  • Procurement Project / VIFM
    Assisted in documenting and evaluating potential products and reporting back to stakeholders
  • Contract Procedures / VIFM
    developed new process for naming, storing and registering contracts within the organisation
  • Records Management Project / VIFM
    Develop file categories & business classification scheme for academic, scientific & admin work areas
  • Global Implementation of PgMP / IBM
    Tested and trained staff to use Pgmp as part of global tool roll out.
  • Transition of Security Clearance Database / IBM
    Worked with team to Transition security clearance database from MS Access to Lotus Notes database.
  • VicPol Transition Out - Physical Security / IBM
    Ensure return of all Victoria Police property, Photo IDs / Fobs and termination notifications
  • Development of Knowledge Tree / HWA
    Developed knowledge tree base of helpdesk problems and solutions using HEAT software
  • Client Satisfaction Survey / HWA
    developed and implemented a customer survey so that metrics could be used for strategic planning.
  • Development of Induction Process and Documentation / HWA
    Creation of induction documentation for new staff members to the Helpdesk.


  • Moods of Lake Wendouree
    Photographs of lake wenouree from early morning to late at night and beyond.


  • Scouting Australia
    cub scout leader
  • Youth Mentoring
    smith family


  • Photography
    wildlife and landscape - western district, victoria
  • Community Theatre
    Stage management and onstage performances


  • Photo
  • Show


  • Outsourcing
  • IT strategy
  • program management
  • Requirement analysis
  • pmo
  • service delivery
  • business analysis
  • IT Management
  • Business Analysis
  • project management
  • Business process improvement
  • IT outsourcing
  • REcords management


Lola Mitzeliotis - Cluster Business Office Manager - South Cluster at IBM
Elizabeth Krieg went from strength to strength since I began managing her in 2012. Her role expanded drastically and she took it in her stride and demonstrated performance at a higher band.Feedback from her colleagues across the accounts she managed (PEs, DPEs finance etc) was positive regarding her professionalism and knowledge of her role.Elizabeth pro-actively requested opportunities for additional challenges when she got comfortable in her role. Elizabeth also took on lead roles in the team as a SME for mandatory applications that were being rolled out (from her own initiative). As part of that, she created handouts and ran education sessions for all stakeholders across AU and other countries.
Mabel Carlisle - Bid and Tender Adviser | Bid Management | Risk Management | Program Management
I have worked with Elly over a few years where she was the Business Office Manager on various client accounts. In my role I performed regular health reviews of client contracts and projects to confirm compliance management and to determine the health of the contracts (risks, financials, deliverables, client satisfaction). Elly provided all the relevant artefacts for the reviews and set up the interviews. She has always been very competent, cooperative and a pleasure to work with.


  • Fishing on the lake
    Fishing on the lake
  • Spectral Moonlight
    Spectral Moonlight
  • New Holland Honey Eater
    New Holland Honey Eater
  • Rise of the Supermoon
    Rise of the Supermoon
  • Lake Wendouree Sunrise
    Lake Wendouree Sunrise
  • Warnambool Sunset
    Warnambool Sunset
  • Superb Fairy-Wren
    Superb Fairy-Wren
  • Reflections
  • Otway Ranges
    Otway Ranges
  • Golden Whistler
    Golden Whistler


Finding The Balance

I have found, and I am sure you will all agree, that any sort of development work requires a high level of creativity, being able to look at something from multiple viewpoints and having the ability to adapt. These are all skills that are transferrable to anything in life, whether that is your professional life, your personal life or that part of your life that houses your creative passions. We need to use these creative passions as a time simply for ourselves, to recharge and to re-invent...

Ballarat, Victoria Australia


Western Victoria and Melbourne, Australia

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