Did you know that when you send your resume to apply for a job that you have around seven seconds to grab the person looking at your resume, seven seconds to sell your brand and to be put on the "possibility" pile, seven seconds to make a statement that says "I'm the one you are looking for"? It became increasingly clear, during my recent job hunting exercise, that my resume was definitely not making any kind of impression at all and that needed to change, I am sure I am not the only one. I thought it might be worthwhile sharing what I had done to change my resume from plain boring to something that would grab the readers attention as quickly as possible.

Mobile Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Web address ( you don't need anything else here)
Career Summary:
eg. I am a professional administrative specialist with project coordination, records management and financial management skills having run a Project Management Office for both government and commercial accounts ... something that gives a brief professional overview of who you are, professionally speaking.
Key Strengths:
eg. Strong attention to detail
Passion for Customer Service .... etc
Tailor this to suit the roles you are applying for.....
Professional Experience:
Job Title date - date
Here's where you list your jobs, include your title and an very brief explanation of what that means, and rather that list your duties, list 4 or 5 Key Achievements, something like Increased sales by 25% by implementing motivation and support programs within the office..... or something like that.
Next Job Title date - date
Key Achievements

If, like me, you are a very experienced person, include perhaps the last 15 years of service, anything beyond that list but you don't really need to put in dates or details
eg: Company Name
Role Title
Professional Development Training; - Internal and External to your employer, if appropriate for the role you are applying for
Course date
Professional Association Memberships
Depending on the role you are applying for, this may be helpful but only include it if it is appropriate to you and the role.
Technical Skills; - This is for those that are applying for roles that require a certain type of technical ability, IT, Engineering etc...
Only really include this if you feel it will help your case and help to sell your brand
It is ok to put here Referees are available on request (unless the job advertisement specifically requests you include referees)

Make the document a living example of your brand, tailor it each time you apply for a role, highlight your skills and achievements for the specific role you are applying for. At my interview with my current employer I was given very favorable feedback on my CV, they felt it to be concise, easy to read and showed clearly the skills they were looking for.

I hope this helps, there are many references on the internet with recommendations and suggestions for resume building and, ultimately, you need to use the one you feel most comfortable with.